Tuesday, January 17, 2006

The underside of Corporate Banking!!

Okay, we have the corporation status. Set to go. Now the banking. I went to Washington Mutual. Very confusing. Without my California corporate status they wouldn't help me. Let's review what the books never tell you. Different states call the formation of a corporation different things. In California, which by the way seems to have the highest corporate taxes of anywhere in the nation, there is a statement of information to outline the company and its people and the formation material is called the Articles of Incorporation. Delaware and a few other states call the same thing the Articles of Formation. I felt like such a dummy when the bank official was asking for papers that were different from what I had. Like maybe I was making this whole thing up. You know, artists are famous for "making things up." Finally after reviewing everything that I had, I realized that the bank officers weren't about to go with Delaware corporate papers by whatever name. They acted as if the Articles of Formation and Corporate Data papers in my hand were just so much unformed clay. A rose by any other name is still a rose. Fine. I simply switch banks. There are some friendly banks out there with people who treat you respectfully. My dealings with HSBC bank seem to be going well. They even have a Banking Resolution form that does everything for me. I just sign and use my seal and it's done. Yes! There are banks who want to make it hard for you and there are banks that want to make it easy.