Sunday, September 02, 2007

My Artistic Direction

At present my work is primarily in oil and focused on figurative male nude in bondage. I was simply focusing on the male erotic nude but I've drifted over to the body in restraints. The appeal is both emotional and technical. The type of restraint will alter the body in some way. That is a challenge and gives each painting a different problem to solve, whether it' how the rope pinches the flesh or how a blindfold distorts the face. Emotionally I become transfixed in the pathos of my subject. I am there and i am feeling the restraints along with the body I am painting. I added a twist to one of my painting by copying part of a Dega painting within my painting. It seemed amusing to me to include a reference to the great impressionist painter. It's not a famous painting and that makes the reference more subtle. I will included the painting in my next post.